The Number 2

The Number Two has a strong energetic message for you, {FIRSTNAME}...

The healing energy emanating from your future self will bring you back into balance. I can see that this journey may not be the easiest, but it’s completely necessary. 

Yes, your guides, angels, and ancestors have seen you struggling with imbalance and are here with you now to give you the guidance that you truly need. 

Before I tapped into my own fortune telling abilities, I believed it was too difficult to see past the conflict or challenging life-impacting situations. They can be all encompassing and even drowning…

But the Universe is waiting for you to simply allow it to support you right now.  This clear message from your abundant, prosperous higher self is coming from the Number Two: in order to create a better future for yourself, you must take a step back right now, {FIRSTNAME}. 

When the Number Two shows up, it’s time to find a middle ground. It represents balance and a strong desire for harmony

Sometimes, this may show up as you eliminating certain things from your life to restore balance. 

Since the Number Two is influenced by the Moon,  you’re accessing the gentle, considerate, and sensitive vibrations that can connect you back to your own intuitive abilities. 

Have you been lacking direction in your life, {FIRSTNAME}? 

To reveal your unique life path, you must learn to trust yourself -- your real self, the spirit within -- to guide you on this journey without any distractions. 

Choosing the number two should give you hope, {FIRSTNAME}.

It is the sign you’ve been waiting for, that things will take a turn for the better should you stop looking at everyone else for the answers that you can find within. 

Take a look inside your soul. Find the missing pieces and connect them in unity so that this will be the last oracle message that you will ever need!

You will soon be able to stay true to your vision for the future and turn things around, no matter how challenging it looks right now.