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Email 1
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
🪐 A Shocking Revelation About [[FIRSTNAME]]’S 2021...
Subject 2:
🔮 2021 will be wild [[FIRSTNAME]]...
Email Body

My Dear [[FIRSTNAME]],

I’ve lived my life deciphering codes and messages.

Sometimes it comes through astrology… 

others it comes through tarot… 

and most special of all is when I receive it through numbers and codes

Yesterday, was one of the special moments for me [[FIRSTNAME]]

A powerful coded revelation was sent to me about the days and weeks ahead.

And these numbers called out [[FIRSTNAME]] specifically. 

Please click here to receive this time-sensitive message [[FIRSTNAME]] 

It’s about 2021 and the major life decisions coming your way.

Having this information today, BEFORE it comes to pass could be the difference between success and failure my dear.

I sure hope you make the most of it’s sacred message!

Receive your message here...

To Infinite Love & Light,


P.S. This message is time sensitive, [[FIRSTNAME]] so please read it now before it’s too late.

Email 2
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
🪐 An Eerie Numerical Reading For [[FIRSTNAME]]...
Subject 2:
🔮 The strange "numerical code" about [[FIRSTNAME]]...
Email Body

It’s truly magical [[FIRSTNAME]],

Yesterday a dear friend of mine shared something remarkable…

Apparently a “wormhole” opened up in our galaxy for a brief moment and numerical codes started appearing all over. 

And inside these codes spelled out important information about our future [[FIRSTNAME]]...

You see, we are at a crossroads in our civilization dear and the days, weeks and months ahead are more critical than ever!

Inside this message, was something written for [[FIRSTNAME]] specifically

>>> Go Here Now To Read Your Sacred Message...

“[[FIRSTNAME]] is at a crossroads and will be choosing one of two paths during this important window of time. And that choice will have an impact for years to come”


P.S. A word of warning: there is some incredibly intimate and personal information in this reading.

>>> So keep your mind & heart open, [[FIRSTNAME]].

Email 3
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
A Message Of HOPE [[FIRSTNAME]] 🌠
Email Body

My dear [[FIRSTNAME]],

If you’ve ever felt destined for something greater…

Or a desire to make a bigger impact…

Then I have something truly special for you

It was sent by a dear numerologist friend of mine last night

And apparently, he uncovered a powerful coded message for all people named [[FIRSTNAME]]

>>> Click here to receive your special reading...


P.S. Don’t wait… this message must be received today, for an important decision coming up in your life. 

Email 4
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
[[FIRSTNAME]]’s numerology code for [[TODAY’S DATE]]
Email Body


A dear friend of mine just released a personalized numerology reading for us all.

It’s based on new “codes” he uncovered after the turn of 2021


I hope you get a chance to read yours here, before it’s gone...


Email 5
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
FWD: A Magical Numbers Reading for [[FIRSTNAME]]
Email Body

This is extremely unusual, [[FIRSTNAME]]

I’ve received a message from a close friend and intuitive reader, specifically about you!

Apparently there’s been a message he received on your behalf recently… and you absolutely must hear it [[FIRSTNAME]]

He put together all the important information you need in a reading…

Go here for your free personal reading [[FIRSTNAME]]...


Email 6
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
Release the FEAR of 2020 [[FIRSTNAME]]
Email Body

Dear one,

I know how hard 2020 was for you…

Like many of us, it took a real toll on your mental and physical health [[FIRSTNAME]]

Fear was all over the news and in the streets

Millions of jobs were lost…

Millions of people became sick…

But 2021 is supposed to be different [[FIRSTNAME]]

An AWAKENING where a select few enlightened warriors step into their God-Given power and begin spreading LIGHT, and HOPE.

YOU were chosen dear, and in this personalized reading you’ll discover exactly how and what you are supposed to do.

>>> Receive your personalized instructions here…



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